Old Farm Cottages Bassendean Hill
‘Old Farm Cottages, Bassendean Hill’

2024 – ‘Group 24’

Rolling exhibition throughout 2024 at the Burnside Gallery in Selkirk, Scottish Borders TD7 4BL with ‘Group 24’.

‘Shadow Self with Walking with Trees’

2022 – ‘Imprint’

Solo exhibition at the Coldstream Museum, Scottish Borders August 2022.

Mesembryanthemum 3
‘Mesembryanthemum 3’

2022 – ‘Continue’

A shared exhibition with Kenneth Blues Wilson at the Burnside Gallery, Selkirk, Scottish Borders from 27th April – 4th June 2022.

The images I am showing are an ongoing celebration of the power of nature and its ability to propel all the life forms in the universe into creation, from seed through to their cyclical re-generation. As we have seen from our recent pandemic, nature is magnificent at adapting in order to survive and we can bear witness, experience the beauty and respond to it with our own creative force.

’the mathematics that the Universe is designed on is beautiful’ Michael Behrens

I like to dry seeds and beans from my garden and last summer I collected the seeds of the Livingston Daisy (Mesembryanthemum) to germinate this spring. When I looked really closely at the pods I was truly amazed. They were perfect pentagons with five triangular flaps each one had two black tendrils on the ends and were gathered together in the middle. Under the flaps were the seeds, the whole thing was beautiful. I drew them and later made a woodcut which I printed with black, ochres and pinks on Fabriano and Japanese Koso papers, see below.

My studies for the lino-cuts and woodcut prints are of pods, seeds and beans and the work follows on from my lino-cuts ‘Seeding the Universe’ and ‘Pathogen Production’, which are also in the exhibition.

I hope you can pop along and enjoy the exhibition. Best wishes, Sylvia.



‘Print-making Art’ Solo Exhibition. Duns Museum 2019

‘Home from Home’ Shared Exhibition with Rebecca Home. Coldstream Museum 2010 

‘Lifers’ Border College tutors with Duns students. ‘Christopher Boyd Gallery’ Galashiels 2012

‘Love Colour’ Shared Exhibition Coldstream Gallery 2009

‘Looking Outside In’ Solo Exhibition. Pringle Gallery, Old Gala House Galashiels 2008

‘Paxton Painters’ Annual group exhibition in ‘Hayloft Gallery’ Paxton House 2003-2006

Work shown in ‘Flat Cat’ Gallery Lauder, ‘Number 4’ Gallery St. Abbs, ‘The White Fox’ Gallery Coldstream. With ‘Creative Borders’ and ‘Crossing Borders’ exhibitions