Time Trumpet Yell Gr Red

From November 23rd 2019 to January 18th 2020, I will be showing a number of prints in the Exhibition Room of Duns Library in the Scottish Borders. Most of them are works I made while on a printing course for 2 years at The Leith School of Art in Edinburgh. I enjoyed it very much and missed it when I left, so much so that I bought a roller-press for my studio.

The prints on show are made with different methods using wood, glass, lino and cardboard plates, working with intaglio and relief. Each method has its own difficulties and takes some practice. The woodcut and linocut intaglio plates are quite demanding on the hands and care has to be taken to avoid the blade slipping and gouging too far and too deep.

It’s taken a while to get used to my roller-press and to remember all I learned at Leith and the most successful print from my studio so far is a collagraph called ‘Released’ which is limited to 5, and is a varied print, some have colour and some not and I’ve used different paper too.

I hope you can pop along and enjoy the exhibition. Best wishes, Sylvia.